Blog Post #19: Top Five Songs by KikidotD

Buy and share the most popular songs written and performed by rapper, singer, songwriter, KikidotD! Here are her five favorite tracks from the past five years below:

5. You Chose To

Track #7 on the ‘Solid‘ EP released in 2020

4. Grow

Track #3 on the ‘Where Are You‘ EP released in 2017

3. Stepping On Next

Single released in 2021

2.  Auction

Track #1 on the ‘Now and Next‘ Album released in 2021

1. I See

Single released in 2022


Professional Recording Music Artist

I Grow, U Grow, We Grow.” – Kiki.D

Kiki.D aka KikidotD is well known for her memorable mannerisms, catchy choruses, and bright bars. She teaches diverse groups, reaches large audiences, and inspires her fans to prevail. Learn more about her background here.

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