The Stage and Journey

Blog Post #17: My music is the soundtrack of my journey in the music business. It also is the outro to the informative episodes I’ve been releasing on my channel and I’m always searching for new music placements. My former professor, Sedale McCall, asked me: “What can I build from the ground up in three months?” and ever since then I’ve been talking less and doing more. As a result, I’ve received an increased amount of support from my fans and doubled my output online.

From two original music projects to several freestyle videos, I’ve been creating some of my best content and thinking outside of the box. I’ve always been a leader, but now I’m more visible than ever before and my presence is being felt on the ground and stage.

Thank you to my former band, “Studio Heat,” for all of the love and lessons. I may make an episode talking about what my experiences were like as the only lead female artist in the band, but everyday I’m grateful for the exposure I was given.

Back then, I didn’t realize how fast my career was growing as a solo artist but I protected it and knew it meant a lot to me. I didn’t process that I had birthed a baby right in front of everyone’s eyes as “It’s your girl… KikidotD!” went from an adlib to a legacy.

I realized that I didn’t have to be in a classroom to share my wisdom. I educate Hip Hop fans through entertainment and I’m writing my story so that the next KikidotD can shine brighter and move smarter than me. “I Grow, U Grow, We Grow” is a movement that can’t be ignored and for the love of music, I will remain teachable and selfless. I’m adding value where I belong and that’s in the music industry.


Professional Recording Music Artist

I Grow, U Grow, We Grow.” – Kiki.D

Kiki.D aka KikidotD is well known for her memorable mannerisms, catchy choruses, and bright bars. She teaches diverse groups, reaches large audiences, and inspires her fans to prevail. Learn more about her background here.

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