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Stay warm, stay covered. #IGUGWeGrow

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  1. Hi Ms. Kiki. My name is Ted Lewis, I am a friend to mom. I have the pleasure of producing tv content on community access tv in Boston, push it out via social media. Today in conversation with mom she showed me your videos, needless to say I was very impressed. I’m in the process of putting together a production for the Big Head museum here in Boston titled Hip Hop through the 2020 lens. It will be aired sometime in December of this year. I’d like to interview you as to your style of Hip Hop, and why you chosed that style. Also, no matter what your answer is, I’d like you to look at a website I shared with mom for you – http://www.emmabowenfoundation.org. I can be reached at 857.417.2593. I also said, if rf his 15 interview interferes with studies, it will not happen, your completion of school is important.

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