10 Facts About KikidotD

10. Did you know?

KikidotD has worked with over 40 audio engineers throughout her career. Some of her favorites include: Sam Creager, Lapopalo, Fresh from D.E. and Eric Alper.

9. Did you know about her first project digitally released on all major streaming platforms?
‘Where Are You’ is a six-song EP released by KikidotD

8. Did you know about her history during the early stages of her career?

KikidotD was a four year member of the band Studio Heat before officially becoming a solo recording artist. Watch the Studio Heat feat. KikidotD collaboration with Converse here.

7. Did you know about her past collaborations?

Some of her favorite features include:

Stream more songs featuring KikidotD here.


6. Did you know about the publications and interviews KikidotD has spoken in?

KikidotD has spoken with AU’s The Eagle (2020), was featured in Boston Compass (2021), and more TBA.

5. Did you know about the popular hashtags and mottos created by KikidotD?

“Substance Over Style’ and ‘I Grow, U Grow, We Grow’ can be found in closets located in New York – Washington, DC – Boston, MA – Atlanta, GA and more TBA.

4. Did you know that KikidotD writes and performs her own lyrics?

KikidotD can freestyle and is a songwriter who writes originals and remixes.

3. Did you know about any beats produced by KikidotD?

KikidotD made the instrumentals for ‘Hold it Down’ and ‘They’re Mad’

2. Did you know that KikidotD has had studio sessions with over 100+ artists?

KikidotD has recorded with many singers and rappers throughout her career. Check out ‘2 Feet In’ feat. Gregory Weekes here.

1. Did you know?

When performing live, KikidotD is well-known for singles like “Lemme Show You” and “Grow”

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Professional Recording Music Artist

I Grow, U Grow, We Grow.” – Kiki.D

Kiki.D aka KikidotD is well known for her memorable mannerisms, catchy choruses, and bright bars. She teaches diverse groups, reaches large audiences, and inspires her fans to prevail. Learn more about her background here.

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