Quiet Isn’t Always Peace

Blog Post #18: Our social media obsessed society has made people increasingly hesitant about what they publicly engage in and respond to. I’m not saying we need any heroes but I am saying we have more than enough bystanders. Everyday I watch people miss out on an opportunity to be great. Its like simple acts of kindness are outdated and foreign at this point.

Last night I was walking and saw a man barfing his brains out as he stood next to his car. I asked him if he was okay and if he needed anything and he said “no thank you.” I could’ve minded my business and truthfully should’ve (lol). Its not like I could’ve stopped him from throwing up even if I wanted to. As he drove away, he slowed down to thank me again but this time he said, “I appreciate it bro, there’s not many good people left in this world,” and I replied with a voice that probably left him feeling slightly shocked that I’m actually a woman (lolol), but that’s besides the point.

In life, our differences can be what brings us closer or creates a larger divide than what already exists. While I do have a more radical mindset than the average person, I hope to play a part in normalizing the act of speaking up even when there may be no reward. To me, there’s no need for us to wait for a familiar face to do for a random stranger what we’d most likely do for our loved ones. Instead of focusing too much on whether or not something is ‘off brand’ or ‘your business,’ consider the ways you could be missing out on an opportunity to be great.

You see, being great can be confused with being positive but this one is as neutral as it gets and this is why. Quiet isn’t always peace and sometimes you have to be willing to go to war for it. War isn’t the most positive idea to be associated with but it serves its purpose in several areas (financially, globally, etc.) just like confrontations and disagreements do. In this video below, I see a whole lot of help needed and none on the way; imagine if this was a special someone in your life:

This footage must be what its like to be in a room full of people and still feel alone. It’s disappointing but a revealing reflection of the world we live in. I’m not going to speak on what I would’ve done if I was involved in this incident but I will use it as a reminder to continue to look out for my people when I can. By attending a PWI for over 15 years of my life, I was forced to learn how to represent my community. Throughout my experiences with diverse groups of people, I’ve chosen to play an active part in showing up for my community. I’ve always moved differently than my peers but I’m just now starting to notice it in ways that can no longer be ignored.


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