This page features more of my work and contributions to teams. Some nights meant long bus rides home from the Kennedy Center and undisclosed locations but looking back, I wouldn’t trade these pre-pandemic experiences at all, they were priceless.

Red Carpet Preview

Shot and filmed by KikidotD, music by KikidotD

Shot and filmed by KikidotD | Song by KikidotD titled “Forever Learning”

If Beale Street Could Talk

Narration by KikidotD | Shot and filmed by: Nadia Nugent, Ames Jewart, Miguel Wilson, and KikidotD | Notes: @ 1:18 and @ 4:22 we lost this footage but was able to recover it.

Turning the Page with Sankofa Video Books & Café + Capitol Hill Books

Spoken Word by KikidotD | Extended and original version includes recording artist Devin Ferreira and composer Jake Gunnar Walsh.

Anke Djé Anke Bé

Narration by KikidotD | Shortened Version

Nutrition Presentation

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