‘Now and Next’ Credits

Last month, I spoke with The Program in a podcast episode and The Eagle in an interview. This month, I’m announcing the release of my album ‘Now and Next,‘ available on all streaming platforms.

Six months ago, I categorized ‘Solid’ as an EP because it only has two main features and I experiment more than usual on some of the tracks. It feels like an appetizer/teaser to me (but I see that on some streaming platforms its labeled as an album).

Now and Next‘ …

  1. has multiple features
  2. is an album and glimpse of my life, full circle

If you’re looking to quote me or annotate the meanings behind my rhymes, view my Lyrics here or visit genius.com and search KikidotD

‘Now and Next’ on all platforms!

Cover Art: KikidotD

Engineers include: Emperor ACE, Ruwanga, Danny Bobby, and Lapopalo.

Producers and Featured Artists include: Lyric Rachae (“Overtime”), Red Shaydez (“Don’t Flex On Me”), Hakim Green (“Coming Up”), Sion Vesill (“Violate”), Treva Holmes (“Wonder”), Lapopalo, Truthbeatz, Shabazz, Rick Flare, and Low.

Blog Post #15: April 14th, 2021


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