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View Lyrics to Moving Different by KikidotD

Writing ‘Moving Different’ gave me this revolutionary energy. This song feels like the one I should walk out to after performing to an arena of 100,000 people. When folks listen to this song, I want them to remember the first time they quit their job or stuck their middle finger up at somebody (in real life – or a picture). Think about the freedoms people try to take away from you, every single day, and then take a step back.

This world is built to tear us apart. Still, I’m reminded by my hair dresser, former teachers, and former BGCB staff to not live in fear which is why I’m here today. If I was scared, I probably wouldn’t have wrote this song. If we (women) were scared, we probably wouldn’t be exposing rapists and misogyny, yet we continue to speak out because we aren’t strangers to sacrifice.

Black Women are the most unprotected and disrespected. And I’ve been feeling it more than ever in my personal life and in professional spaces. This isn’t the part where I give up though – this is the part where I cry enough tears to ride infinite waves. This is the part where I continue to lead by example. I have to show young Black girls that they can do it, too. Take risks, open your mind, and never be afraid to let someone know when you’re feeling disrespected.