Hiring Kiki.D

Graduating in May 2021

My client facing skills translate into identifying, developing, and designing brand strategies to create value.

What have I done? I have experience with:

  • Pitching songs to music licensing companies
  • Writing press releases
  • Reviewing analytics to determine impact within the industry

Aspiring PR Strategist, experienced in Music 

My major is Public Relations and my minor is Business and Entertainment.

What do I enjoy? I love projects that involve:

  • Digital marketing
  • Critical thinking behind the scenes
  • Voice-over work
  • Songwriting
  • Collaborating with producers for sync licensing

They say never forget where you came from. Thank you to all of the people and organizations I have worked with.

Looking For Full-Time Work

Aside from my education and experience, I’m interested in:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Mentorship
  • TV and Film

To collaborate with me, please visit the contact page. For more information, check out my work samples on page two.