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Frequently Asked Questions

“I don’t remember the exact date that I started working with Kiki.D so can I leave that section blank?”

List today’s date instead.

“How will my feedback be used?”

If you submit a testimonial on this site, it will likely be reposted online for other viewers to learn more about the services Kiki.D provides.

“How can I submit a testimonial?”

Click here for Kiki.D on Facebook or here for Kiki.D on LinkedIn if you prefer to use your social media account. On this page, you can also submit a review by using the form above.

“Can I rank Kiki.D out of five stars?”

Yes, you can use the message box to manually write your review and share a story or two about what it was like collaborating with Kiki.D for your project.

“What if I decide to remove or change my testimonial in the future?”

Contact Kiki.D to make any changes. Your privacy and wishes will be respected and the post will be removed immediately.

| This month, my goal is to reach 32 reviews. Please take 10 minutes of your time and connect me to my next adventure in the world of music, business, and public relations 😀 |