Blog Post #20: Done

Therapy is expensive but here’s what’s also true.

Many people cannot afford the cost of giving up on themselves.

I’m not offering any tarot readings or prescriptions, but I believe I can be your solution.

If you’ve been feeling like you don’t have a place where you can speak your mind, I’m done hiding.

If you’ve been feeling like you don’t have enough people you can talk to without being judged, I’m done hiding.

You are no longer alone and what’s already happened has been said and done.

Schedule your video chat or phone call with me for a safe space to vent and cure your curiosity. You have questions, I have answers. You have needs, I have time. 24/7 365

1 session = 1 hour = $30 (phone call)

1 session = 1 hour = $35 (video chat)

I can be reached here, by DM, or phone if you have my #.

I’m Done, how about you?

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