Feat. KikidotD

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KikidotD + Converse

KikidotD created a rap song with StudioHeat, a group she was in after signing a four year contract. She was featured in a video filmed and edited by Converse at Rubber Tracks studios in Brooklyn, New York and throughout her career, KikidotD has received over five free pairs of sneakers from Converse.

KikidotD + Shelly Bay Music

Since 2019, KikidotD has been one of the many artists signed and featured on this roster. Others include Tee Grizzley, Tech N9ne, and more.

KikidotD Featured In 2nd Verse

Song: Rock Bottom

Track number 12 on Petey Walter’s album.

KikidotD Featured in First Verse

Song: All I Hear

Track number 1 on DJ WhySham’s album featuring Dae Toney, Kasia Lavon, Lila, and Kemic. Sing the lyrics with KikidotD here.

KikidotD + Indigi Music

With over 15 original and unreleased tracks submitted to the Indigi Music catalog, KikidotD has been signed and featured on this roster since 2018.

KikidotD + Paul Porter

Logo designed by KikidotD for the launch of Paul Porter’s online music services through MUSICBIZU. Book him for narrated/voice over projects.

Most Streamed Song by KikidotD

Collaboration: Blasian Beats

Most Original Song by KikidotD

Collaboration: John Scott, Tuurtle

Most Overlooked Feature by KikidotD

Currently sitting at 800 streams on Soundcloud: John Scott, Tuurtle

Feature from KikidotD (2nd Verse)
Cambridge Hip Hop / Bridge Cypher Collaboration