Destiny Jones, Daughter of the Legendary Rapper Nas (2022)

My role: I specialize in collecting and presenting information to reach the public. Destiny sent me several clips from her photoshoot behind the scenes and I used them to create a promo video for her vlog. Using Adobe Premiere, the purpose of this video was to help market her cosmetic line.

Our Results:


LFOD Life Presents Episode 11 of “STAMPED” (2022)

My role: I am a content creator and influencer who can amplify a brand’s message. As a co-host and co-producer of this show, I add perspective and improve brand visibility for LFOD Life. Monthly, I edit each STAMPED episode, create promo clips for social media, and assist as a project manager overall.

Our Results:

Budget per episode: $50 – $120

Lyric Video for “I See” (2022)

My role: I was a songwriter before I even knew what a cover letter was. No paper, no pen, and all heart. This song was inspired by a freestyle of mine and I completed the following tasks for this promo video:

  • Edit the audio and video
  • Transcribe the lyrics
  • Design the cover art


Original and Profanity Free Music

DC Premiere for “If Beale Street Could Talk” (2018)

My role: I completed the following tasks for this promo video:

  • Attend event and capture footage
  • Edit the audio and video
  • Write and record the song “Forever Learning”

Featuring Roland Martin, Kiki Layne + more

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Graphic Design Portfolio

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