Blog Post #6: Da Grass Sees

The grass grows while you’re scared, tired, or confident. Time waits for nobody, but that doesn’t mean rush. As you decide whether or not to run through the tall grass, it’s only going to get taller and by going for it you will open your life to amazing possibilities and opportunities.

The grass can symbolize the doctor’s appointment you’ve been avoiding or the song you’ve been revising for two years. We all procrastinate, but the beauty of setting goals is that there’s a reward waiting for you on the other side, every time. Trusting in faith, not by sight, and remembering to put ‘mind over matter’ has been one of my goals. This month, I considered paying for a (tarot/spirituality) reading but I changed my mind and kept my self-doubt to myself.

The tempting thought of getting the answers I feel I need and insight on what the universe has been telling me isn’t enough. I am enough and believing in that truth requires me to sit down, patiently. I chose not to book a reading because I have lived through two decades being read by the one person I can’t see (God). These two decades have consisted of clarity and confusion; wins and worries; that have given me the foundation I stand on daily and with this simple fact alone, I believe that I can survive another couple decades without adding extra voices in my head.

“I’m recharging if I’m ever slowing” – KikidotD

If you don’t refocus fast enough, things will shift and it may not always be in the direction you want. When you deviate from your goals you drift closer to your fears and that’s exactly what happened to me. The grass is growing right now, what are you doing in the meantime? Are you ready for the new season that’s approaching? There’s nothing wrong with getting advice, going at your own pace, or trying again. Your favorite president, rapper, and teacher do these things so give yourself the space and time to do it, too.

I am planting seeds in my brain, one day at a time, that will soon rise above my current fears. Once that happens, I’ll run through the grass and do it all again, with new fears to overcome! Goals can be frustrating because they are never-ending. If you’re having trouble setting goals and outgrowing your concerns, it may be helpful to speak to a professional or call on a friend. ‘Da Grass Sees’ you at your lowest and highest so there’s no point in running away now. “Turn the TV off you’ve been too busy just watching them,” and become what everyone wants to be.


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