Blog Post #10: Beats and Bars

Bars and Beats

Lately, I’ve been into beat making and eating kettle corn popcorn. If you’re a producer who wants to make a beat with me, let me know! Being a recording artist, I mainly focus on life behind the mic but I’ve been practicing my piano skills as well. It’s fun and relaxing (at times) and I’d recommend it to anyone who may be looking for a new skill or hobby.

I mainly use GarageBand so if anyone has any questions about beat making I can try to help. I’m open to using FL (FruityLoops) but for now GarageBand is convenient (and I’d like to master this app). What I like the most about beat making is coming up with cool drum patterns and using instruments I never thought of even playing. Producing is one of those skills I’m glad I was exposed to at a young age as there are so many layers to it (no pun intended). Four years ago I lost the files of almost 30 beats I made but the fire ones are still in my head.

Memories Into Melodies

Recently, a friend and I spoke on the phone and they told me that they are going to start making music. Hearing this type of news is confirmation to me that the “I Grow, U Grow, We Grow” movement is alive and well. I love to see people turn their memories into melodies and become storytellers. As I continue to explore music from a producer’s perspective, feel free to suggest any educational content for me. I’m putting the work in now so I can be hired for this service later.

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