Blog Post #14: Who’s Black?

This may be unbelievable but Kendrick Lamar and I are both Black people. We’ll never be white passing (unless we go MJ on ’em), and we believe that the ‘the blacker the berry is, the sweeter the juice.’ To the Black writers who came before me, thank you for sharing your stories. This Black History Month, I’ve watched more films and documentaries than usual and they’ve helped to shape my life’s purpose. In addition to reading my peers’ blogs and consuming more digital content, I feel that it’s important to document our stories and experiences. Whether it’s through journaling, songwriting, or filmmaking, there are so many ways to be a storyteller.

I wish I could remember all of my family’s stories; maybe one day we’ll have our own family film that will last forever. Based on the large amounts of unreleased footage I have, I believe I’d inevitably be a co-producer of my family’s film if that time ever comes and that would be awesome.

For me, Black History Month is another reminder to be great and fearless. My Blackness is someone’s light and protection. When we tell our stories, someone out there no longer feels alone and it’s small instances like this that can help improve mental health in our communities.

Defeat is temporary but manageable with greater perspective. Music and story telling allow me to see the world from different point of views so that I don’t internalize everything as much. Want to check out who’s been inspiring me lately? Here are my current favorite Black creators: Asian Doll, N.O.R.E., Talib Kweli, Coi Leray, and Paul Porter.

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