KikidotD and her Moves in the Music Industry

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KikidotD is a vibrant music artist who originally signed as a four-year member of the live Hip Hop band, “Studio Heat.” After completing her deal, she began her solo career and released her single “Lemme Show You” which gained popularity locally in Boston, Massachusetts, her hometown.

In 2014, KikidotD started posting music on free platforms such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Her very first single titled “Bad Chick” (now listed as a private/subscription only track) was produced alongside her first manager Rick Aggeler. Prior to the release of her debut record, it was a conversation during the summer with Kwamane aka VK Lane who led her to sign the four-year deal with Aggeler’s “Studio Heat.”

What started out as a simple referral from a camp counselor at Camp Harbor View later grew into a full discography of profanity free music. Music gave KikidotD a choice and opportunity to wake up and create a legacy. Pushing mottos such as “Substance Over Style” and “I Grow, U Grow, We Grow,” KikidotD wears her (he)art on her sleeve. As a passionate student of the game, she has learned from people like Hamilton’s Grammy award winning actor, Daveed Diggs and Jamaican dancehall artist, Mr. Vegas. In May of 2021, KikidotD earned and now holds a B.A. in Public Relations with a minor in Business and Entertainment from American University in Washington, D.C.

Being a Haitian, Jamaican-American Rapper, KikidotD represents her roots and values through her lyricism. Currently, she can be found on the rosters of the following music licensing companies: Whizbang, Indigi Music, and Shelly Bay Music. From performing as one of the openers at the Berklee Performance Center and Strand Theater to being the headliner at the Songbyrd Music House, KikidotD has moved and motivated thousands of people.

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  • “I see ya with the bars but I’m rolling with the iPhone 📲 though!! 😂😎”— Terrell Owens, Former Hall of Fame NFL Player
  • “With searing, soaring lyrical raps that lift you high, KikidotD is our new favorite way to start the day.” — Quadio Media

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People also ask

What was KikidotD well-known/famous for?

KikidotD is most commonly known for her ability to freestyle rap and perform in front of big crowds.

Is KikidotD signed?

KikidotD does not belong to any record label at this time. See her independently released records here.

Does KikidotD have a music sync library for TV/Film placements?

Yes, here’s a playlist including a few of the songs that are in it.


Professional Recording Music Artist

I Grow, U Grow, We Grow.” – Kiki.D

Kiki.D aka KikidotD is well known for her memorable mannerisms, catchy choruses, and bright bars. She teaches diverse groups, reaches large audiences, and inspires her fans to prevail. Learn more about her background here.

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