Blog Post #16: Best Ways to Make Clients Happy

Graphic design, music, and PR are three fields that give me the opportunity to do the client focused work I love. It’s interesting to constantly be switching between the roles of being the client and having clients and I hope that my experiences help you get through yours. Below is a flyer I designed for my recent client with a less than 48 hour turnaround time:

Because clients appreciate responsiveness and efficiency, I do my best to set deadlines before asked and reply with content not just words. You’ve developed a nice relationship with your client when they start sending you files to work with in the same email that they are asking for your services. That’s the moment when you can take the initiative by not just replying with a “Yes I can do this” but a “What’s your thoughts on these drafts?” instead.

When you show your clients that you care about their needs and ideas, they will keep coming back for your services. Start rushing the process and dismissing their feedback and your clients will quietly move onto the next graphic designer, publicist, or A&R. You have to be willing to create and adapt to a pace with your client, not insist on your pace, if you want to make them happy. Build chemistry not walls.

I offer unlimited drafts when clients hire me for graphic design services. Sometimes I make 50 versions of a graphic before its final and other times I make 10. Although it’s more convenient to have less files and exchanges of feedback, clients appreciate having the freedom to choose. If art is a conversation of endless possibilities, why try to limit that? The flexible professionals are most preferred, and keeping an open mind and your word will get you further than any award you’ve won in the past.


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