Blog Post #8: How to Grow Your Career (30 Tips For Artists)

Successful people know the importance of consistency and execution. Consistency equals: What do you do often? And execution equals: How well do you do (it)?

As a music artist, every person and experience matters. To be the best, it helps to be self-aware. Here are 30 tips that will help you climb to the top of the Billboard charts and gain revenue in your career:

  1. Identify and explore your brand’s identity. Brands have different values and behaviors, shown in the content produced.
  2. Respond. Whether it’s to comments or emails, people appreciate replies.
  3. Be timely. Everyone has something to do and somewhere to be. Avoid missing deadlines and try your best to be early or on time.
  4. Be prepared. People can tell the difference between someone who did their research and someone who woke up two minutes ago.
  5. Practice. Even if you don’t have an upcoming show or studio session, its always good to tighten up your skills.
  6. Reach for high quality. Your cover art, music, videos, and pictures should be high quality as you are competing with millions on the internet.
  7. Hire reliable professionals. Research who you meet before you pay them. Some people are in the wrong business.
  8. Avoid being passive. The music business is fast paced and people don’t always have a lot of time to figure out what you’re trying to say. Always be clear about what you want throughout the process.
  9. Stay organized. Keep metadata handy and label files properly (mp3, wav).
  10. Be honest. We can tell if you buy your followers. We can tell if you’re living a lifestyle beyond your means.

  1. Be humble. Paths cross in this industry.
  2. Embrace conflict. Pick your battles and don’t be afraid to fight for what you believe in. There will be times of disagreement and doubt, will it make or break you?
  3. Accept feedback. You can take feedback with a grain of salt sometimes. Try not to take it too personal. Set boundaries instead.
  4. Support others. If you don’t participate and engage with other people, chances are that they will treat you the same.
  5. Share. Advice, time, resources. Sharing is caring!
  6. Read. Knowledge is power.
  7. Believe in yourself. Before you send a song to an engineer, ask yourself, “Do I really love this song?” “Did I do my best or can I do better?”
  8. Treat your music career like a business not a hobby. How serious are you about your music?
  9. Ask questions. People profit off of the things you don’t know. Take notes and get as much information as you can before making decisions.
  10. Invest in your ideas. You can’t just expect the world to give you money. It takes a lot of your own time and money to complete albums, projects, and goals.

  1. Collaborate. Work with artists, producers, and other musicians (don’t forget compensation).
  2. Keep your word. If you tell your followers you’re gonna drop music on Tuesday, do it without excuses. Yes things happen, but keep your release dates and promises as tight as possible. 
  3. Experiment. Try new things and see if you get new and improved results.
  4. Create content outside of music. Interviews, skits, get creative!
  5. Use your other talents. Versatility is key.
  6. Use your calendar(s). Keep track of important dates and do what you feel you need to do to maintain professional relationships in this industry. 
  7. Show followers what your life is like behind the scenes. Create content around your journey just as much as you highlight the destination. 
  8. Be realistic. Shoot for the stars but stay within the budget.
  9. Write down your goals. This will hold you accountable.
  10. Take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and eat healthy.


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